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A Magical, Unicorn-filled Afternoon

Hanover, PA - 10/16/2020

I bought my nieces some pretty princess-esque dresses and crowns for their birthdays this past year and my sister-in-law had the idea to do a unicorn photoshoot with the girls wearing them.

We were able to shoot on a crisp and sunny afternoon in mid-October with the most wonderful model, Glory. A 24-year old beauty, this calm and sweet girl was the best unicorn we could have asked for. A huge thank you as well to her owners, Rachel and family, who helped throughout the shoot by guiding Glory and giving her treats to keep her happy!

My nieces did great - they both fed Glory and weren't afraid to sit on her or touch her for photos. We really got some magical results that I'm so happy with! I look forward to the next time I get to do a unicorn shoot like this one!

Oh! And my nephew brought a dragon to the shoot!

Highlights below:

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