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Fairy Sisters

Newport, NH - 5/8/21

When I realized that Imani and Doug's elopement ceremony was just about 2 hours away from where my best friend, Danielle, lives I knew that I hade to visit for a few days before heading home!

Danielle and I were roommates for the majority of college and I became well acquainted with her home state of New Hampshire during numerous visits for my college thesis and spending time together.

When Danielle agreed to become my roommate in college, she didn't know she would soon have a modeling portfolio thanks to all of my photoshoot ideas. You can find her face quite a bit over in my art & conceptual gallery.

With so many photos of herself, Danielle didn't find it fair that there weren't any of her sister, Bryanna - so we fixed that asap! And soon afterward I thought, "we need to do a sister shoot! With a fairy-feeling to it!" And thankfully Bryanna and Danielle have a trampoline that helped make that image a reality.

Enjoy our highlights below:

All images copyrighted by NKP Photography

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