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Imani and Doug's Elopement Ceremony

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Salisbury, MA - 5/6/21

This gallery has taken me some time to complete due to the general craziness of life as well as waiting on a new computer to arrive that made processing images much easier. I'm happy that I took the time with these because I am so happy with the results!

I got a wonderfully extended weekend in Massachusetts in early May to celebrate Imani and Doug. They made the decision to postpone their traditional ceremony and party to 2022, but use the time to get married on the beach surrounded my close friends and family.

The Salisbury State Park Area is beautiful, clean, and spacious. Every single local I encountered was so polite and I am excited for the day I take a trip back there!

My 6 hour drive up the day before it rained the entire time. We walked along the beach, confirming exactly where the ceremony would take place, and it was frigid and wet the entire time. YET! The next morning it was clear, sunny, and 70 degrees - so perfect!

I spent the early afternoon with the Imani's wonderful wedding party while I shot candids, special moments, and details. More importantly, I got to witness Doug and his best man, Mike, figure out how to tie their ties!

The ceremony on the beach was sweet and intimate, and from the moment Imani entered the scene with her parents on either side of her you could feel the love that her and Doug shared. From tears to laughter during the exchange of vows and throughout the ceremony I could feel nothing but happiness.

Imani and Doug are both extremely nice, calm, and fun people. They allowed me to have a lot of time with them after the ceremony so we could take advantage having the sunset and beach for their portraits. A big and special thank you to bridesmaid, Emily, who helped me a lot, carrying Imani's train and bouquet up and down the beach.

I am super happy with the results and excited to see this group again next year for round 2! Highlights below:

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