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Janowitz Family Photos 2020

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Sunflower Garden, Westminster, MD - 8/29/20

Every year for the past few years now I have had the pleasure of photographing my brother's family. This year we chose the Sunflower Garden in Westminster, MD as our backdrop.

This spot is a treasure trove for photographers. Not only are the sunflowers beautiful, but there are a variety of unique spots and props throughout the garden that guests are welcome to use for their photos, such as tractors, an old school desk, and more!

We waited out a huge rainstorm at the start of our shoot, but were blessed with a quick rainbow afterwards! Then we explored the garden and captured some great moments along the way. Photographing my nieces and nephew is always a fun time for me, even if we have the occasional tantrum over having to wear sandals instead of boots (ha ha).

Highlights from our shoot below:

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