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Jen and Peter's Wedding Ceremony

Cherry Hill, NJ - 04/18/21

I was so excited when Jen sent me a message asking me to photograph the small wedding ceremony her and her fiancé, Peter, were having. Jen and I had attended college together (and I also found out we had been neighbors!) and it's always means a lot to me when friends trust me with their photos.

Like many couples, Jen and Peter had to post-pone plans because of the pandemic, but still wanted to have a small ceremony to solidify their marriage before having the traditional big party when things are safer. Just a small group of family members were in attendance, but the get together was wonderful nonetheless.

These two are super sweet, hilarious, and no doubt meant for each other! They were full of smiles the entire time, and were constantly making me laugh. Most notably when first looks took place so Peter could help Jen with her shoes! There was no stress, just excitement about tying the knot. I can't wait to see and hear more about their wonderful relationship from here! Take a look at some of the highlights below:

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